Goal-Setting: Does Setting Goals Really Matter That Much?

What is so important in our lives that we would need to set goals anyway? Every leader we have ever heard of or who has spoken very much they always end up telling us we need to set goals. Any student of leadership has this one main concept embedded in their minds and that is the idea that we need to have goals.

Are all these so-called leaders out there going to tell us that we can not nor never will accomplish anything of lasting or true value without goal-setting? What in the world is so important that we have to set goals for its accomplishment? When was the last time you set a goal to do something before you set out to do it? The answer: We have never completed a project or task without having a goal to do so.

We may not consciously beware that we are always setting goals, but whether we are setting goals consciously or unconsciously we are still setting goals. Anytime we decide or make a decision to do something we have set a goal to do it.

My wife and I have while we were together set a goal to go out every Friday night for a couple of hours for our special time together. We called it our date night. It would be and is very beneficial for every married couple to have a date night even after they are a married couple. Dating is not just for those who are single and looking it is for those who have found their life mate (soul mate) as well. Dating after marriage keeps the relationship fresh and new, as well as it keeps those home fires burning.

When it comes to goal-setting whether you realize it or not just the act of getting up out of the bed every morning is a goal. We have to have a reason to get up or we will just lay around and never accomplish anything of any real value. Why would we if we have not planned something we really want to do?

Goal-setting is doing the things we want and the things we enjoy doing. Do you like to go fishing? Would you really like to go fishing on a Monday morning when you are supposed to go to work? The only way to accomplish this last one is by figuring out away to have more control of your own destiny (life).

This is the real reason for the importance of setting goals or deciding what you will do. Goal-setting is about taking back the control of our own lives. It is about you being the boss of you and even more importantly who you are as a person. Yes, setting goals is important. Deciding what you want to do and what you will do for the rest of your life is what is important. Question: Is it important enough for you to decide to make some changes and important enough to do something about it?

Harry McDuffee says, This is goal-setting – [http://www.claimyoursnow.com/goal-setting/set-goals-it-is-important-to-set-goals/] Goal-setting is one of the most important things we can do if we ever expect to have or be anything in life. As Zig Ziglar has often said, “Y’all Gotta Have Goals”!

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