Goal Settings: How To Set Goals You Can Achieve

If you want to set goals you can achieve, do not focus on them. It seems that these words go against everything that is ever said about goals. A lot of people are talking about the power of setting goals but not many about how to achieve them. Yet, it is a fundamental key to an all lifelong success plan.
So how can you set goals? How can you achieve them? What can you do today, tomorrow or this week that will get you closer to your goals? And what is the power of goal setting?

The challenge, of course, is that we hear about setting goals so often that we tend to take it just a little bit for granted. When you get yourself to a point where you have heard it so many times, you act like you know all about it. But you need to be careful not to get caught in that trap called the law of familiarity. It is the place where you get so used to it.

The prevailing thought is to think about what you want to do. Then, you set goals, write them down, stay focused on them and go forward. You check your list over and over again, come back to it, adjust it, and that is how you achieve your goals. But I believe it is not the way goals should be attained.

Some people even do it once a year, when they make a New Year resolution. They set goals, and they do forget it until a year later. These people usually have no power. They take the power of goals too lightly which brings us to some basics.

You have to realize you have to practice the fundamentals daily. Think about the great coaches in sports history for example. They often teach the basics to people that are already the best at what they do. These top trainers make them go through the fundamentals over and over again, hundreds of time, day after day until they can do it at a crucial moment.

Back to Basics
Should I remind you about Mr. Miyagi in “Karate Kid” with his wax on wax off? When you set goals, you have to go back and go through the basics every day. So that when you do it again, you understand how to do it even more efficiently.

“Repetition is the mother of all skills” – Tony Robbins
If you want to reach your set goals, you have to master your skills. The reason being is that along with your journey, you make new distinctions, set new goals or even change them. So do not think for a second that you already know how to achieve them.

The bottom line often is that most people do not have a clearly defined set of objectives anyway. You need to go from the frame of mastering simple things over and over to achieve set goals. So, you have to break through the bonds of the past and look in a whole new way where you understand that you have to do whatever it takes and not be bored by basics.

Setting Goals is Powerful
Why do we need to set goals and use them? Are they important? The answer is that when you set objectives for yourself, you create the future in advance. You form your destiny and shape your life. Whether we know it or not, we all have goals.

As a result, know that your goals are affecting you. The problem is that some people have lousy goals. Those get you through the day, the week, the month or help you pay the bills but are not the kind of objectives that inspire you or make you jump out of bed in the morning. These goals do not create the drive you need to achieve something greater.

You must realize that very few people have a particular plan or even written goals. So, when you set goals, I mean real aims, you can create the power to grow, develop and expand your success. You must have something out there that is compelling enough to draw you forth and transform your life.

Reflection Time to Set Goals
Next, you have to know why you set goals, why you are doing it, and what you are moving towards. The reason being is that if you do not, you won’t get the most out of yourself. You have to take time to reflect so that you can set goals. It does not matter if you reflect for days; what is important is that you do it.

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