SMART Goal Setting And The Importance Of Knowing The Basics

SMART goal setting – I know, you’ve heard it all before. Well, just read on to find out why you must know the basics of goal setting in order to achieve your end result.

Setting goals takes work, it takes more than just writing something vague down on paper and thinking “OK, that’s what I want”. It actually involves preparation, desire and longing, deterimation, motivation and action.

This is where SMART goal setting comes into play. With SMART goal setting you’ll be focusing your mind on 5 aspects of your goals, without which you will not get far.

When setting goals you want to be able to give yourself an easy goal setting plan to work with, and if you follow the steps I set out below, you’ll be giving yourself a head start on all those other people who can’t understand why goal setting fails.

  1. SPECFIC. This is very important, because the subconscious mind works very hard for you without your always realising it. What I mean by that is if you so desire something, but at this stage you aren’t specific enough, then it is well known that you won’t have the end result you wanted, because you subconscious has only worked on the information you have given it.

A quick example of not being specific enough: Let’s take a car. You want a Porsche 928S manual, blue, alloy wheels. If you have set yourself a goal of getting just a Porsche 928 then you’re guaranteed to get a “Porsche 928” but not an S version, maybe not blue, maybe not alloy wheels, and so on. BE SPECIFIC.

  1. MEASURABLE. In terms of SMART goal setting, this means that you look at whether you are able to measure your goals as you go along. Can you put timescales on the goals so you’ll be able to work towards it, yearly, monthly, daily? If you are unable to measure the timescales of your goals, CHANGE YOUR GOAL. Adjusting goals during your goal setting program is more than acceptable.
  2. ATTAINABLE. Are you able to reach your goal, or is it just pie in the sky? For example, saying you want to earn $1m in 6 months is most likely not an attainable goal. Unobtainable goals lead to lack of motivation and focus, and before you know it, you’ve given up on your dreams which is really quite sad. Bite size goals are better than one out-of-reach goal.
  3. REALISTIC. Can you set realistic timescales to achieve your goal, or is it completely unrealistic? Are you going to be able to put in the time required in order to reach your goal in the set time you have given yourself? Think very carefully – as again, if you have made your goals unrealistic, your desire and motivation completely disappear.
  4. TIMESCALE. Vital. You need a timescale on your goals in order to have something to aim at. Without a timescale you’ll have no discipline to do the things needed to achieve your goals.

Using these principles of SMART goal setting makes the whole goal setting process so much easier for yourself, and it keeps reminding you that without proper goals and timescales, the end result won’t materialise. Don’t let that happen to you!

Become knowledgeable on goal setting and take the time to find out in more detail the real advantages of getting goals correctly.

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